ADwërks Art Director Receives Promotion

Sara Sullivan Promoted to Assistant Creative Director

ADwërks, an advertising, marketing communications and media strategy agency in Sioux Falls, is proud to announceSara_Sullivan the promotion of one of its staff members.

Sara Sullivan, Conceptual Engineer/Art Director at ADwërks, has been promoted to Assistant Creative Director. In her new position, Sullivan will have more authority in decisions, step in when Jim Mathis, Principal Creative Director and Certified Advertologist™ is unavailable, and she’ll share some of his workload when it comes to creative direction and approvals. The promotion also rewards Sullivan for her years of dedication and the exceptional work she’s done at ADwërks. Along with her new role, Sullivan will resume her regular duties as Art Director.

Sullivan has been with ADwërks for almost a decade, and during that time she has consistently proven herself to be a creative force to be reckoned with. She can always be counted on to deliver impressive work and lend a fresh perspective to projects. These merits and more have made her more than qualified for the promotion.

“Sara has been a great creative leader at our agency since day one. She’s a one-of-a-kind person and frankly, she earned this promotion long ago!” said Mathis.

The advertising agency is proud to call Sullivan an ADwërker, and they’re confident that she’ll continue to excel in her new position and help the company and its clients succeed.

About ADwërks:

ADwërks is an advertising, marketing communications and media strategy agency in Sioux Falls, representing clients throughout the United States including McDonald’s, CarHop, Applebee’s and Carino’s Italian.

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