Content Workshop – Daniel Lemin

February 17
@ The Country Club of Sioux Falls

Presented by Convince & Convert’s Senior Strategist Daniel Lemin, this workshop is geared to implement, or “operationalize” the concepts of Youtility in the context of day-to-day content creation.

The workshop will be divided into these components, or modules:

Get Into Their Heads & Stay There: Write For Your Audience (One Hour)
There is a writer within everyone. It may seem daunting, unmanageable or unwieldy – where do you start? Writing for business is about discipline and method, and we’re going to use this hour to refresh everyone on what that means. We’ll discuss the Kofax personas, talk about what those various personas expect from Kofax in their content, and use examples from other B2B companies to illustrate content that’s done right and content that fails on its mission.

The goal of this session is to create awareness in the attendee’s mind of the need to think about everything they write from the customer’s point of view, and to give these content creators a simple formula for written material that breaks it down into digestible chunks.

Grab ‘Em: Anatomy of a Blog Post (One Hour)
We will explore the elements of great blog posts including specifics on titles, headers, keyword selection and placement, length, visuals and tone. We will then put this into practice and analyze, as a group, 5 blog posts (randomly chosen) from B2B blogs.

Hook ‘Em: Anatomy of a Great E-Mail (One Hour)
We will explore the elements of award-winning e-mail including specifics on titles, layout, copy and length. We will put this into practice and analyze, as a group, 5 randomly chosen B2B e-mail examples.

Captivate ‘Em: Anatomy of Great Long-Form Content (One Hour)
White papers, research reports and presentations are complex and represent some of the most challenging content archetypes in any organization. Many organizations employ writers specifically dedicated to these content streams.

Convert ‘Em: Anatomy of Great Landing Page Content (One Hour)
We will explore the elements of great landing pages including specifics on titles, content, structure and copy formatting. We will put this into practice and assemble, in speed dating format, the copy elements of 3 landing pages.


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$295 after January 31

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