Epicosity: Media Buyer/Planner







We’re looking for a changemaker. Not a maker. Not a doer. A changemaker.

That means your fearless in your approach to finding new ways to solve problems. That means you’re relentless in making sure your approach pays off for our clients. That means you’re not only able to look change in the face, but embrace it as if it were your own child. It also means you must have a pretty keen eye for detail. So much so that we buried seven mistakes in this post. If you can find them all, safe to say you meet that qualification. We sea the position of Media Planner / Buyer as a critical part of everything we do. After all, we can craft the most amazing message but if no one sees it or hears it, what good is it? Thats where you come in.


  • Keep ahead of industry trends and best practices
  • Work directly with clients to understand there goals
  • Gather and analyze performance data and present insights and reporting on campaigns
  • Collaborate with internal teams to develop stuff that’s grate
  • Foster relationships with media vendors
  • Negotiate packages and rates that give our clients value
  • Have an amazing sense eye for detail

All this said, are you ready to join our community of mission-driven creatives, communicators,
strategists and all-around swell peeps.

Apply here today and be part of something epicly amazing.


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