Fresh Produce – Famous For Meats 2015 Internship Team

Fresh Produce is now accepting applications for the Famous For Meats 2015 internship team.

We’re looking for writers, designers, and account service interns to operate Famous For Meats, a working agency within Fresh Produce. Interns will be doing real work for real clients as well as branding and promoting an Ipso Gallery opening. We’ll keep an eye on things and offer guidance when needed, but FFM is the team’s agency to run.

Do you know bright students who are up for the challenge? Please direct them to to get the details. You can also find a PDF to print and share with students.

If you’re interested in having a representative from Fresh Produce speak to a class about the internship, we’re happy to help. Please email Hannah at or call 605-275-2191 with any questions or for more information.

We can’t wait to see what the Famous for Meats 2015 team will accomplish.

Thank you!

– The Fresh Produce Crew