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JamesDugan + 44 Interactive Mergers are typically a rather mundane event in the business world. To progress in their respective industries, Company A merges with Company B and are now known as Company C. Company C now has all the capabilities, services, products, etc. that both A and B had, but can operate more efficiently.

It’s actually a pretty awesome thing, these mergers. Seems like all the ways to say it are quite positive… consolidation, alliance, fusion, unification, union. A company that is making changes in order to operate more efficiently is viewed as quite progressive, which is good for the company. But the real benefit is for their clients: a single entity with more and better services, the best people, and expanded capacities, operating more effectively for their benefit.

That’s the set-up. And now the big reveal…






Sioux Falls marketing firms JamesDugan and 44 Interactive are very pleased to announce the merger of our two companies, and are now operating as 44i. Unifying our talented teams creates a more cohesive and innovative culture that seamlessly blends the traditional marketing and branding proficiency of JamesDugan with the region-leading digital expertise of 44 Interactive, providing even more value for our clients.

Business Strategy • Digital Marketing • Branding & Graphic Design • Web Design & Development • Video Production • Traditional Marketing


All under one roof, working efficiently and effectively with our clients’ best interest in mind. Contact 44i today to discover how we work with you to achieve your business goals and increase revenues. Please visit 44interactive.com to experience the all-new 44i.

Because… you know… mergers should be good for everybody, right?

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