South Dakota Advertising Federation: Relationship Manager

Job Description

We all know that building strong relationships is the key to success in any organization. The South Dakota Advertising Federation is seeking to hire a part-time Relationship Manager. This person should be ready to build and connect relationships with membership, board of directors, and key stakeholders.

The South Dakota Advertising Federation is the Sioux Falls-based chapter of the American Advertising Federation (AAF) – an organization that fosters professional development and networking for the marketing, communication, and advertising industry.


In this role, the South Dakota Advertising Federation is looking for the Relationship Manager to build connections between the board of directors and club membership. Duties include, but are not limited to: club coordination, operations and planning, financial development and management, community relations, volunteer board member assistance, and presence at all club programming, meetings and events (approximately 2-4 per month).


Foster positive, lasting relationships with SDAF members and stakeholders.

  • The Relationship Manager should build awareness of membership and stakeholder needs by arranging visits and celebrating successes of our members.
  • Through those relationships, secure annual creative sponsors for the American Advertising Awards (ADDYs) and the monthly program series, assist in recruiting motivated board members, retain annual memberships and continually identify opportunities to upsell membership levels and increase overall attendance at events.
  • Assist in long-term planning, visioning, and succession in an organization that sees new board members year over year; identify successful board members to recommend being on the executive committee.
  • The Relationship Manager is an important outward-facing individual for SDAF. This person is an advocate for the national organization, the local club, and for volunteer board members and sponsors.

Contribute to the financial success and growth of our organization.

  • This initiative is integral to club success and growth. Club development is an integral responsibility of the Relationship Manager and financial incentives are in place for specific fundraising goals established by the executive committee. These goals will be evaluated on an annual basis.
  • Create and support a standard club sponsorship package to be offered annually.
  • With the guidance and support of the executive committee and club bookkeeper, the Relationship Manager should work to maintain a healthy financial portfolio including, but not limited to: managing a budget, club operation expenses, and club reserves.

Report to and assist the volunteer working board.

  • The Relationship Manager is responsible for working with our volunteer board of directors and committees.
  • In this relationship, the Relationship Manager will provide direction, support, inspiration, and motivation to the working committees to ensure successful SDAF events and programming in adherence to the goals and objectives outlined by the president and executive committee.
  • The Relationship Manager is aware of all activity happening within the organization and is a key player in event planning and organization.

Perform administrative duties, as necessary.

  • Prepare financial reports; schedule and organize board meetings; budgeting; membership email communication; event registrations; ADDY Award coordination; and administrative support to committees (i.e. purchasing, catering, contract maintenance, etc.).


  • Have an understanding and working knowledge of the marketing, communication, and creative arts industry.
  • Leadership, communication, and organizational skills.
  • Have ambition and motivation for long term growth with SDAF.
  • Ability to connect with new people and problem solve.
  • Proficient in technology and operational efficiencies.
  • Must be a relationship builder who enjoys meeting new people and representing the club in group settings.


  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office, social media, WordPress, project management software, and event registration software.
  • Non-profit management and development a plus.
  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field preferred.


  • This is a contracted, flexible, part-time position with hours varying through the programming year.
  • Ideal candidate will hold regular office hours at least one day per week.
  • Must be available to travel to AAF district meetings and national conferences.


  • This contracted position will receive a monthly stipend in the $1,500-2,000 range, depending on qualifications.
  • Additional compensation available through incentivized development goals.

The South Dakota Advertising Federation is an equal opportunity employer. To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to

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